Laser Eye Surgery
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Laser Eye Surgery, as a safe and common treatment, is performed to correct vision problems of near-sightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

At Vita Esthetics, we are aware that your eyes are unique for that reason all our laser surgeries are customized for the best visual outcome for your eyes.

There are various types of laser procedures such as Lasik, Lasek, and PRK, the appropriate treatment for each patient depends on the vision correction that patient requires. All those various possibilities of laser eye treatments all have one thing in common: they newly shape the cornea of the eye with high-precision lasers so that you are able to see flawlessly.

LASIK, commonly referred to as laser eye surgery, is a combination of two techniques. It combines the submicron precision of the excimer laser with lamellar corneal surgery.

Lasik is a precision laser procedure which is blade free. This procedure takes 10-15 minutes and the recovery is extremely quick.

LASEK is an alternative surface surgery without the need to create a flap, and is often performed when LASIK is not possible. LASEK is generally suitable for people with less serious eye focusing problems, thin corneas, or dry eyes.

Visual recovery with LASEK can be slower, and bandage lenses need to be worn for up to a week. The eye can also be uncomfortable for a few days after treatment.

PRK surgery is similar to LASIK surgery, It differs from LASIK in that, instead of creating a flap in the cornea, PRK removes the outer layer of the cornea. Then, the underlying tissue is treated with a laser.

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